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Happy 2011!!

It's been quite a while since I've written a post here. You could say that's one of my new year's resolutions :)

Just checking it to say hello to the interwebs. Just updated/ cleaned out the face paint and body paint galleries on my web page and updated my listing with Party Pop for the year. Looking forward to lots of paint & make up this year!!
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The Holidays are coming!

We've made it through Halloween and are on the way to all the winter holidays!!

For those of you who LOVE spreading holiday cheer check out this fun event! Its not face or body paint related just a ton of fun that I thought was worth sharing :)

SANTACON 2010 FORT LAUDERDALE <- click there. It's a facebook link so you might have to be logged in to see it

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Happy November

Halloween is over, phew! what a busy, crazy, exciting month October was!!

November, while still busy, is a bit more steady and predictable. I've got football events, children's parties, tennis events, henna events all on the books for this month and of course will still be painting at Kids night every wednesday from 6- 8 PM at Lucille's Bad to the Bone BBQ in Boynton beach!

Oh!!! addition to the Lucille's kid's night, I will be painting little faces for All About Entertainment at Chick-fil-a's kids night in lauderhill on Tuesday the 9th as well! please come out and have some food and fun with your kids!

FYI www.allaboutentertainmentinc.com is a GREAT place to find top quality performers of all kinds in the south FL area.
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More Breast Cancer Awareness PR!

Another great magazine did an article about the BCABPP! check out the work I helped create with Michael D. Colanero , Lucianne Ungerbuehler and a whole lot of amazing survivors!

Round Magazine
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Halloween update

So its still 10 days away but i'm *almost* totally booked!!

I have only a few spots open on Oct 31st. I'll be set up at SillyFarm in West Broward and taking appointments through my Agent Kristina @ 954-472-5000

YES I can paint you on the 29th but ONLY if we are finished by 5pm
NO I can't squeeze you in on the 30th no matter what, I'm sorry.

I feel so terrible turning people down when they call :( sadly I can only be at one place at one time. All the other artists I know, trust and recommend in the south FL area are also all booked for the 29th and 30th (though a couple do have some time on the 31st too)

Halloween is the biggest weekend of the year for Face and Body paint. Next year call us early and we'll try to fit in as many awesome paintings in as we possibly can!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody! Be safe!
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It's about that time again when the crazy costume ideas are brewing in everybody's minds... Devils, vampires, skeletons and Na'vi (from avatar) will be all over the place this year! Halloween is on the way!!!

So far I've gotten a few bookings on the 30th but may be able to squeeze in one or two more. Since I ended up driving all over the place last year I have decided to anchor myself in one spot and have an agent book me as many appointments as she can throughout the day!! Less driving MORE PAINTING!!! So if you're in the market to have your body painted for Halloween give Kristina a call and let her know you'd like to book Keegan for October 31. She'll get you set up with scheduling and a quote as soon as possible! (954) 472-5000 extension 221 OR Toll Free: (866) 871-9403 and her email is Kristina@FAB-Events.com

In the off chance that I get booked up fully Kristina is working with several very good body painters so you'll have a good chance there's an artist who can get you all done up even if it's not me :)

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Late summer updates

Hello interwebs.

I keep forgetting to update here. I've got my Twitter and Facebook going strong though so if you're interested please follow me at either or both of those places too!

Been pretty busy the last couple of weeks at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, working more on the BCABPP, and some private parties as well. This coming weekend I'll be working with The Mike Sipe for a BIG back to school event out at Sawgrass Mills mall so be sure to bring the kids out for some free face painting (by me!!) and other cool activities.
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Supercon was a lot of fun

I was painting faces at this year's FL supercon. Thank you to Docking Bay 94 for letting me set up shop in THEIR shop upstairs. I stayed pretty busy with the face painting so I didn't get a ac hance to see much but I had a great time!

Here's a picture of me from the new times painting a blue tiger girl (it's photo 12 in case the linnk doesnt go straight there. new times Supercon slide show

you can check out some of my photos from the event click HERE for FL supercon on flickr
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Kardashian Body Paint update!

Looks like the segment that I and my asstant Melanie painted the lovely sisters for will be airing possbly on the season premiere!?!?! I haven't got word from anybody but that's what it looks like according to the video on E!

I found it first on a blog post about it from examiner.com and from Gather entertainment.. buuuuuut I just found it on the E! website too....

here's a longer clip from E! WOW I look absolutely terrible when I concentrate!! why would they choose THAT angle ew, lol! but at least the girls look lovely :)
Video Clip from E!
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This week is a busy one! Kids night face painting, a volley ball promo body paint gig for Corona Light 'wide open', a meeting with Academy of Glam, teaching for Cosmix then NEW YORK CITY!!

While I'm there I get to see my best friend Nicole (if anybody is in need of a designer you need her!!! ) check her out at La Sangre Llama . She's going to join me as I reunite with awesome photographerBobby Friedel to paint another couple of models as wild animals! Bobby and i collaborated for the Zebra photo here:

After that I get to work with the Lovely ladies of Cosmix school of makeup artistry for the NY makeup show!! I'll be body painting at their both for both days. We are going to have a blast and probably have some great pictures to post when I get home!
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Getting ready for tomorrow, lonnng all day face painting job with most of my favorite painters in south FL. Last year even a few of the great paintiers in central FL joined us. It's going to be a hard but hopefully fun day of work.
we're all working fir all star events at a children's trust event in Miami. If possibly I'll take a few pictures to post up here & maybe facebook.

Then HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there :)

have a lovely weekend everyone
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Last weekend

Pam and I had the pleasure of painting at Photo Impressions Gallery in Wilton manors this past friday. The monthly Island CIty artwalk was going on so we got together with Richard Viola (gallery owner and photographer) and decided to add a little extra entertainment to it by painting one model each right there in the gallery for people to watch and then did a photo shoot after. We started around 7:30 pm and finished about 3 hours later (pam was a little quicker than me).

here are a couple photos taken with my iphone. I can't wait to see Richard's good qualtity photos! They'll be in my gallery as soon as they are edited.

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Helloooo November!

I hope you all survived Halloween... It was long and busy but all turned out great. Will be updating the albums soon with the permission from clients over the holiday. And ready to paint some more this coming weekend!

Friday is the Joe DiMaggio Hospital fund raiser www.mysapce.com/cbrooket
Saturday - face painting @ a tennis event in Del Ray
Also have a couple private clients including a shoot with Sid Graves!! check out his work on http://www.cemeteryprints.com/
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Its been too long!

Its hard for me to keep up with all the websites to update!! Been really good despite a slow summer.. Attending the NY make up show again in May with Cosmix, Attended and Competed at FABAIC in Orlando, competed and won at the miami Tattoo-La-Palooza's body paint convention, working on some cool projects etc... but the MAIN reason for this post is that I have a face book fan page now!! It's easiest for me to hop on there for quick photos and event updates so please add me at the link below!

Body Art By Keegan on Facebook
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2 cool articles about 2 cool ladies....My sister AND I !!!

We made it to the main page of Daily Candy Miami and Miami kids. Please check them out if you can!

October 20, 2008
Stroke of Genius
Body Art by Keegan
Click here!

October 20, 2008
Butt Ahead
Cloth Diaper Workshop by Kristin Jayd
Click here!
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Hello everybody,
We've done IT! Kal and I finally made time to work on the website (mostly it was me taking forever). There's a whole new lay out, new banner for you to link back to me on the Bio page, new "contact me" options and now the galleries are enabled with live update so I can post photos for you as soon as I get them!!

Take a look around and see the new and improved website and please leave a comment to let me know what you think! Be sure to check the links page for Kal Michael's website to see all the other great work he has done.

thanks! Have a great Sunday!
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What have I been up to?

Its been a little while since I've posted here. I've been up to a lot since then....
Another Dolphin's pre-season game has come and gone. Now its actual season time!! Here are a couple photos from last time, first is where I set up at the stadium on the 400 level's "Pepsi Zone" and second shows some happy customers: 

I've had a few other body painting gigs in the past few weeks. My "tree lady" can be seen in the body paint gallery.. I helped out CJay of drawingonpeople.com for the "bikini bodypaint fashion show" at Spirits night club (hoping some of the other artists got a few photos because I didn't).

Was also  somewhat busy with a few airbrush tattoo events and face painting at birthday parties and last but not least a photoshoot with a great model Lorena Priscilla and awesome photographer GRM Studio. Here are a couple of my snap shots from that day... more of the professional shots in the make up gallery as soon as I get them.


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Miami Dolphins #1.....

Hello to all of you on the internets!

I would like to invite you all to come see me at the Miami Dolphins home games!

I'll be painting for free (although I happily accept tips) at each and every home game. The first one is this Saturday August 9. Although the game doesn't start until a little bit later I will be there onthe 400 level "Pepsi Zone" at 5:30 PM ready to paint your faces, arms, tummies etc... its a family event though so lets keep it clean!

The times and dates I will be there are as follows:

Pre-season games Saturdays Aug 9 and 23 from 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM

regular season games 11:00 AM until 2:pm
Sundays: Sept 7,
Oct 5, 19, 26,
Nov 9, 16, 23
Dec 14

Go Fins!!

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