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What have I been up to?

Its been a little while since I've posted here. I've been up to a lot since then....
Another Dolphin's pre-season game has come and gone. Now its actual season time!! Here are a couple photos from last time, first is where I set up at the stadium on the 400 level's "Pepsi Zone" and second shows some happy customers: 

I've had a few other body painting gigs in the past few weeks. My "tree lady" can be seen in the body paint gallery.. I helped out CJay of drawingonpeople.com for the "bikini bodypaint fashion show" at Spirits night club (hoping some of the other artists got a few photos because I didn't).

Was also  somewhat busy with a few airbrush tattoo events and face painting at birthday parties and last but not least a photoshoot with a great model Lorena Priscilla and awesome photographer GRM Studio. Here are a couple of my snap shots from that day... more of the professional shots in the make up gallery as soon as I get them.


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