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It's about that time again when the crazy costume ideas are brewing in everybody's minds... Devils, vampires, skeletons and Na'vi (from avatar) will be all over the place this year! Halloween is on the way!!!

So far I've gotten a few bookings on the 30th but may be able to squeeze in one or two more. Since I ended up driving all over the place last year I have decided to anchor myself in one spot and have an agent book me as many appointments as she can throughout the day!! Less driving MORE PAINTING!!! So if you're in the market to have your body painted for Halloween give Kristina a call and let her know you'd like to book Keegan for October 31. She'll get you set up with scheduling and a quote as soon as possible! (954) 472-5000 extension 221 OR Toll Free: (866) 871-9403 and her email is Kristina@FAB-Events.com

In the off chance that I get booked up fully Kristina is working with several very good body painters so you'll have a good chance there's an artist who can get you all done up even if it's not me :)

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